Beloved Shaikh wishes Ramadan Karim :

Beloved Shaikh Dr. Mohammed Nurul Alam wishes Ramadan Karim to the all beloved of Mission Alnoor across the globe and Muslim Ummah with the blessed message that we come closest to ALLAH KARIM in our lowest moments. It is easiest to hear ALLAH when are stripped off all pride and arrogance. When we have nothing to rely upon except ALLAH. Albeit, it is quite painful and agonistic to get to that point but we do ALLAH is there to rescue us from all pain and agony.
So we all should pray, with our negative ego turned to the quintessence of nothing, ' O ALLAH give us courage to change that we can and the patience to endure what we cant'. And give us wisdom to know the difference.

Khalid Ayaz Khan
humble worker of Mission Al-Noor (H.Qtrs)
Lahore Pakistan.

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