MISSION AL-NOOR international

Beloved Shaikh, Dr. Mohammed Nurul Alam insh-Allah will leave Oman for Canada on May 26th , 2008. He will insh-Allah leave Toronto on May 29th for San Jose, Costa Rica, to attend an International Global Conference on Business and Finance.
Contact telephone (on request) during the conference:

Mercedes Jalbert
Conference Director
Phone: 808 959 9120

Hotel details:
Masuma Abe
Ramada Plaza Herradura
Phone: +506 2 2099800

From June 1st to June 19th stay in Toronto, Canada:

Beloved Shaikh will be on leave from June 1st to June 19th and will stay with his family in Toronto. Contact telephone number is + 1 905 672 7629.

Insh-Alalh he will be back to Oman on June, the 20th to start the summer session on June 21st .

Beloved Shaikh customarily offers exceptional DOA for all the blesssed members of MISSION AL-NOOOR and the UMMAH before embarking upon visits of the like genre. He expects us all to make cordial prayer for the safety and success of his visit.

Khalid ayaz khan
Secretary General, Mission Al-Noor international
Lahore, Pakistan.

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